Dinamigra is a company that focus on innovation on information and technology. For us, giving technological oriented as bussiness solution for collecting information and creating innovative solutions is our purpose driver. Innovative - Up to date - integrated are our special features, Dinamigra and partners.

We offer technology based innovation as part of solution for our bussiness coleague, especially in Indonesia, to grow local economy. Usage of software with integrated datas from all over the bussiness processes is the key-point of our solution.

Our History .

July 2017 - Established

The new established company, Dinamigra, had spirit to bring integrated solution, also great service and consultation to our clients. At first we produce website and web-based application. With long experience of the head programmer, Dinamigra brought the first solution to some companies.

January 2018 - Shiftsoft

After heavy development for about 6 months, Shiftsoft born as Membership Management System. Shiftsoft aimed to help organizations to manage it's activities into automation and delivery accurate data management and report.

June 2018 - Andal Software

Dinamigra also had been selected as Business Partner of Andal Software to deliver experienced Payroll Solution. Our clients including English First are using it to calculate salary and manage employee-related chores such as permits, leave, etc.

April 2017 - CS ERP

At first, Dinamigra has been selected by CS-ERP as Business Partner. We introduce CS as Germany Based robust ERP solution to manufacture and trading companies in Surabaya Area such as Safe Care.

2021 - Service Spread

Dinamigra is trusted by clients across Indonesia, in almost every big islands such as Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Papua, Lombok, Bali, etc.

November 2021 - PillarHR

PillarHR delivers affordable payroll solution alongside Andal Software and used efficiently by small-medium companies such as retails, small manufacture and distribution companies.

2022 - 100 Clients Milestone Achieved

Unrealized but true, Dinamigra has served 100++ clients consisting from many fields such as manufacture, retailers, distributors, non-profit organizations and also religious organizations throughout the nation.

April 2022 - Shiftsoft Business

Shiftsoft Business born to serve as business solutions to help retailers such as restos, cafes, shops, etc and bring Self-picked Product / Service, Point of Sales, Payment Solution, and Order Management.

Our Values .



We believe that togetherness produces strength. Our philosophy is to create systems and solutions that are integrated each others, and also can communicate with any 3rd party or your current internal system.



We create solutions to leverage your business, whether to solve problems or meet your needs. We believe that your investment must be met with greater benefits by upgrading your business.



We believe systems and solutions are meant to serve people. We create products friendly to you.


Project Done


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Team Size


Cups of coffee

Our Team .


Work with passion | Do everything as if it is your own | Master the fundamentals | Adhere to principles.


We believe in People | We bring the best of people | We strive to gain impact to others.


Togetherness | Don't take yourself too seriously | Celebrate successes | Enjoy your work | Build a positive team and family spirit.

Audi H.

Audi H.

CTO, Senior Mobile Developer

Seorang yang menaruh perhatian pada hal detail, mudah mengerti kebutuhan Anda, sekaligus memberikan sistem yang terbaik bagi Anda.

Erwin S.

Erwin S.

Implementator, Finance

Seorang yang menyukai tantangan dan selalu mau belajar, akan membantu menyelesaikan masalah Anda secara profesional.

Ivan E.

Ivan E.

Frontend – backend Shiftsoft, Senior Developer Shiftsoft

Seorang yang terus belajar dan mengeksplorasi hal baru, perfeksionis, dan akan memberikan solusi terbaik dalam sistem Anda.

Alvin S.

Alvin S.

Senior Developer Pillarsoft

Seorang yang berpikir tenang dalam tekanan, dan dapat memberikan pandangan dari berbagai perspektif, sehingga dapat membantu Anda dalam suatu permasalahan.

Chris D.

Chris D.

Digital Marketing, Designer

Seorang yang kreatif, hardworking, yang akan berusaha memberikan inovasi dalam design yang Anda butuhkan.

Erwin F.

Erwin F.

Chief Marketing, Senior Hardware & Network

Seorang yang berkepribadian ramah, menyukai tantangan dan tidak mudah menyerah, akan membantu Anda dalam menemukan solusi yang cepat dan tepat dalam sistem anda.

Victor Julian

Victor Julian

CEO, Marketing, Mengawasi arah Development

Seorang pekerja yang efektif dan efisien, senang menyelami sebuah konsep, dan berusaha untuk membantu Anda menemukan solusi melalui sistem.

Michael Santoso

Michael Santoso


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Our Skills

Some material that will bring us to help you

Development (>10 years experience)

Product Design (>8 years experience)

Marketing and Branding (>5 years experience)

 System Analysis (>8 years experience)

 Consultation (>4 years experience)